Best Family-Friendly Activities on Upper East Side

Situated between the East River and Central Park, the Upper East Side of Manhattan is a lovely neighborhood that offers plenty of family-friendly activities. It’s one of the most exclusive residential neighborhoods in NYC. I mean, families like the Roosevelts and Kennedys used to live here. It also houses some of the most important museums in NYC, as well as many high-end boutiques.

Despite its reputation for being snooty, Upper East Side has is an ideal destination for families with children. From vintage chocolate shops to cute toy stores, there is no shortage of entertainment options for the whole family. In case you are traveling with heavy bags, nyc luggage storage facilities on Upper East Side are a perfect place to store your suitcase. You can drop off your luggage there any day off the week and pick it up whenever you want. Therefore, with nothing weighing you down, it’s time to enjoy in some of the best family-friendly activities on Upper East Side of Manhattan.

1 Visit the Amazing La Maison du Chocolat

Upper East Side

No visit to Manhattan with the little ones is complete without stepping inside this amazing chocolate boutique. La Maison du Chocolat is practically a chocolate institution in NYC.  This premier Parisian chocolatier has a couple locations in NYC and one of them is located here on Madison Avenue. The upscale boutique offers a variety of samples, as well as unique chocolate combinations. Go for their signature Traviata Hat Box, which contains one Akosomnbo dark chocolate bar, 16 pralines, Tobago metal gift box, and a plain truffle gift box.

2 Explore the Whitney Museum of American Art

Upper East Side

Our next spot is the fabulous Whitney Museum of American Art. Officially founded in 1931, this remarkable museum occupies a temple on Madison Avenue and boasts works by a number of emerging artists. Here, you will find many pieces of 20th and 21st-century American art. Some of the current exhibitions include Mary Corse: A Survey in Light, The Face in the Moon, and Half Mast by Derek Fordjour. There is even an on-site shop where you can buy posters, books, and accessories.

3 Get a Soda or a Milkshake at the Lexington Candy Shop

Upper East Side

This is a no-brainer and every kid in the world will fall in love with this place immediately. Everything from lemonades to milkshakes and strawberry pancakes is made from scratch here at the Lexington Candy Shop. Make sure to check out the framed pictures and vintage posters on the walls including original menus from 1925. This awesome shop has been featured in dozens of TV shows and movies like the Nanny Diaries and Fading Gigolo. We’ve heard that celebrities like Matt Dillon and  Bruce Springsteen used to spend time here.

4 Go for a Walk on the East River Greenway

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To get away from the city center, head out to the East River Greenway to enjoy the views and go on a bike ride. This area is usually less crowded than other green places on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. You can sit on the bench or take a walk on the promenade with your kids. It’s an ideal place to visit in Spring in NYC.