Summer holiday? Are Covid-19 prevention measures too big swallow for you?

Summer holiday is normally on top of mind this period of the year.

At least it was like that before the pandemic. But for those still travelling, taking personal protective measures against the virus is important also.

As you protect yourself, in a similar manner governments and countries are trying to protect the general population too. Take a look how Covid-19 protection measures might affect the travel plans this summer among people in Great Britain, France, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Would you take a holiday this summer? How different Covid-19 challenges affect your travel decision.

The chart above is an interpretation of some of the results of a survey conducted by YouGov/Eurotrack. You can see the full results on this page . To see a breakdown of the results by countries, you can visit YouGov’s page here.

To get yourself informed more on current travel restrictions and incentives, or what types of masks provide better protection against the virus, you can read more on BagsAway’s blog page.

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