The Rise Of Private Vacation Rentals Post COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic comes under control, thanks to highly successful vaccine rollouts in many parts of the world, borders are beginning to reopen. Many people have felt a strong sense of isolation for the better part of 18 months and are now eager to spread their wings and begin reconnecting with the world again through travel. But as tourism starts to pick up again, the landscape will look very different to what it was before the pandemic.

The past year and a half has caused a shift in traveler behavior. There is now a greater emphasis on travel with a purpose, for example, to reconnect with loved ones. As such, there is a rise in personal trips with more intimate settings that avoid normal mass tourism elements like packed hotel lobbies and crowded shuttles. Travelers are seeking greater comfort in larger spaces like houses, villas, and cottages, which is a major reason why companies like Airbnb were able to rebound strongly during the pandemic.

The following article breaks down the rise in private vacation rentals post COVID-19, including recommendations for captivating areas to visit in New York, Chicago, and Costa Rica.

A Shift Towards Private Rentals

At the height of COVID-19, the most popular vacation rental company in the world, Airbnb, recorded a 72% drop in revenue between April and June 2020 due to the global freeze in travel. Airbnb needed to adapt quickly in order to stay afloat and a key part of the company’s strategy involved adjusting their platforms for pandemic travel. While people were forced to isolate at home with an urge to travel but no real options to do so internationally, there was still an opportunity for local travel.

Airbnb’s operational model enabled the company to take full advantage of the shift towards private rental getaways — something larger hotel chains didn’t have the same capacity to achieve. The company put a lot of its focus on local suburban and rural stays, and in so doing, updated its platforms to show browsers properties in close proximities to their location. The result? Within two months more than 50% of their bookings were for stays within 300 miles of guests’ homes.

With this shift, more people are looking to find vacation paradises in and around their current location. Here are a few coveted destinations in Costa Rica, New York, and Chicago,.

Lakefront Vacation Rentals In New York

New York is fraught with vacation rentals offering the perfect local getaway. You’ll be in awe of the picturesque lakefront views, peace and quiet, and plethora of fun activities to do in the midst of an unforgettable, relaxing holiday break.

With over 3,000 lakes and ponds located in the region, the Adirondacks is one New York area that should be near the top of your travel list. If you love the water, whether it be in a swimming, fishing, or boating capacity, the pure and easily accessible waters of The Adirondack Lakes have an allure like few others.

In addition to the water-based activities, there is lots more to keep you entertained during your stay in the area. Skiing, camping, hiking, museum hopping, sightseeing, and sports are a few other activities you can take part in to make the most of your getaway. You’re rest assured to enjoy all this and more at hideaways like Oswegatchie River, Cranberry Lake, Lake Algonquin Wells, Loon Lake, and Lake George that are all located in the upstate New York area.

Vacation Rentals in Chicago

Chicago is another destination with lots to offer. As the third largest city in the U.S. you’re guaranteed to be spoiled for choice there. The city has an excess of quality apartments that are perfect for vacationing. You’ll also benefit from excellent accessibility to transport links and the city’s numerous major attractions. 

Are you into your sports? Three major sports franchises in the NFL’s Bear, the NBA’s Bulls, and the MLB’s Cubs are based in the Windy City for some thrilling live game action. Fancy cultural events? Chicago is home to the Field Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Blues Festival, among many others. Is shopping more up your alley? There is a mind-boggling selection of outlets for some retail therapy. In fact, the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue has one of the largest concentrations of boutique stores in the entire country.

For visitors that would like to get away from the buzz of the city center, the scenic shorefront of Lake Michigan is only a stone’s throw away. Look no further than lakefront areas like Gold Coast, the Near North Side, and Lincoln Park to completely unwind, be closer to nature, and fully recharge your batteries in a relaxing family-friendly setting. We also have luggage storage locations in Chicago.

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Looking slightly further afield, destinations like Costa Rica, which rely heavily on tourism have reopened their doors to visitors from around the world. In addition to the COVID-specific entry requirements implemented across the country’s ports, families can further minimize the risk of contamination by avoiding busy hotels and resorts, and opting for the unrivaled serenity of Costa Rican vacation rentals instead.

Once in the country, there is exceptional variety in the form of nature, wildlife, and even the weather. Experience beaches, mountains and forests featuring a range of unique species like you’ve never seen them before. Breathtaking landscapes, exhilarating adventures, privacy, and onsite amenities, are just some of the other reasons why you can’t go wrong with a beach house or villa rental in Costa Rica.

Excellent spots for your getaway include Manuel Antonio, Papagayo, Guanacaste, Jaco, and Herradura. Whether it’s a trip for two, a family vacation, or a surfing holiday, private rentals in Costa Rica have built a reputation for delivering that sought-after ‘home away from home’ feeling. 

Private Vacation Rentals – The New Normal

With a greater emphasis now being placed on safe, affordable getaways, travelers will continue looking for private vacation rental properties, even as the threat of COVID-19 slowly subsides. Hidden gems in places like New York and Chicago, and further afield in tourist hotspots like Costa Rica will become more popular than ever before as people’s perceptions of quintessential holidays change. 

Now that travelers have had a taste of private rentals, it’ll never quite go away even as traditional hospitality establishments also make their comeback from the most difficult period in recent history. You can learn how to host a profitable vacation rental and how larger private spaces like homes, villas, and cottages, have become the new normal for travel in 2021 and beyond.