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Where do I store luggage in San-Francisco?

Looking for places to store luggage in San-Francisco? You're not alone! This foggy city is known for iconic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the cable-cars and far from luggage friendly steep streets where bags will not only weigh you down but undoubtedly wear you out. Once the home of hippie flower children, peace, and love, today the city maintains a liberal and culturally diverse mindset and an edgy demeanor as the birthplace of innovative start-ups. Nestled against a beautiful bay on one side and the famous Victorian Painted Ladies, we all remember from Full-House on the other, San-Francisco is bound to surprise you with the myriad of eclectic vibes and microclimates from one neighborhood to the next. In a city where summer reigns in one area and autumn damp winds blow just 10 minutes away, this is one destination you cannot pack too light. Don't strain yourself dragging bags on the hills and dips of San-Francisco's streets trying to make the most of your hours on arrival and departure. If you need a place to safely store your bags on the go, ditch the limited locker storage and look no further than BagsAway's luggage storage Bag-Drop locations throughout San-Francisco.

Store luggage in San-Francisco with BagsAway

BagsAway is your Airbnb-inspired bag storage companion on the go! We are your technology-based alternative to traditional San-Francisco luggage lockers. BagsAway's luggage storage Bag-Drop locations are situated right inside San-Francisco's very own local shops, cafes, and hotels (to name a few!) who will store your luggage in San-Francisco for a few hours or few days. Ditch the limited space of storage lockers, drop your bags on-demand with BagsAway's storage locations in San-Francisco.

Top places to store luggage in San-Francisco with BagsAway

Chinatown Luggage Storage
  • Opens 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Luggage Storage at Russian Hill
  • Opens 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM
Luggage Storage at Polk Gulch
  • Opens 06:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Need to store luggage in San-Francisco?

You probably found yourself in one of these scenarios Before check-in and after checkout from your Airbnb or hotel accommodations in San-Francisco Running between meetings or pitches across SF or attending a conference at Moscone Convention Center On a layover at SFO eager to explore and maximize precious hours around San-Francisco You're an SF local stuck dragging equipment, gym bags or backpacks after work Attending a baseball game at Oracle Park or a concert at the legendary Fillmore but can't bring your bags along Went on a shopping spree at Union Square or Embarcadero District but still want to explore the city or stroll the many piers of SF

How to store luggage in San-Francisco with BagsAway?

Browse the interactive map to find luggage storage in San-Francisco or alternatively search for bag check near me around San-Francisco's neighborhoods Select book a BagsAway luggage storage location in San-Francisco to get your reservation details via email Enjoy a luggage-free day on San-Francisco's piers, at Union Square or stroll the Golden-Gate Bridge Important: Upon arrival present your email booking confirmation on location, it's your receipt!

How much does it cost to store your luggage in San-Francisco with BagsAway?


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Where to store luggage in San-Francisco with BagsAway?

San-Francisco's diverse spectrum of urban and outdoor activities makes it a spectacular destination. Providing they're not dragging their bags along, travelers can enjoy biking or hike along the Golden Gate Bridge and the nearby Golden Gate Park, go whale watching or flip the switch and instead enjoy shopping, fine dining, and the arts instead. If you have a few spare hours don't waste them hauling bags on the foggy hills of San-Fran, find a nearby storage partner for your things, and experience delicious seafood on one of its famous piers and delight at the sights of the many seals. There truly is something for everyone on ever-evolving slopes, valleys, and streets of this fast-paced city. Yet, California dreaming can often become a nightmare when you're bound by luggage and other travel items. Keep the dream alive with BagsAway's luggage storage San-Francisco network, where a Bag-Drop spot always awaits to keep your heavy bags, clunky bikes, backpacks, souvenirs, laptop bags and everything in between, safe! Our affordable short-term storage and long-term storage guarantee you are never encumbered by stuff around San-Francisco's hubs and popular destinations. If you didn't plan ahead and now you're trying to find luggage storage near pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf or Union Square, BagsAway's handy storage locations await inside San-Francisco's very own local businesses. Check your bags for a few hours and hop on the Powell Street BART station to explore the city's best sights! Check out our most popular locations below. A break from your luggage is just a few clicks away!

Luggage storage downtown San-Francisco

San-Francisco's downtown is packed with entertainment options that will delight your taste buds at one of the many restaurants, give your credit card a workout at the many shops, and malls and have you relish in the immersive art and bar scenes. Yet, beyond all the fun, amidst the town's Financial District's skyscrapers is the city gets down to business. Whether you're floundering from one tourist destination to another or running from meeting to meeting, you wouldn't want to tag any bags along on your day's journey. Don't fret, we have all your luggage storage needs to be covered in the heart of San-Francisco. Find a BagsAway luggage storage Bag-Drop location near downtown San-Francisco

San-Francisco luggage storage Union Square

Union Square is where it's at! Filled with outdoor shops and an indoor mall, this part of the city is always buzzing. Union Square has been at the center of the city's celebrations and gatherings since the 1800s and it kept its place since. Cultural events, fashioned themed and branded events hosted alongside buskers and local artists displaying their talents, fill the square all days of the year. If you are traveling to San Francisco during the Christmas season, Union Square is turned into an ice skating rink filled with an abundance of holiday decorations along with the store windows. Leave your bags with BagsAway's Bag-Drop storage partners in the area and get in on the action at Union Square luggage free! Find a BagsAway luggage storage Bag-Drop location near Union Square San-Francisco

Luggage Storage near SoMa

SoMa, or South of Market, is a former industrial zone that has now transformed into startup ground zero where unicorn tech companies like Airbnb, Uber, and many others got their start. Coupled with a dynamic art-scene, vibrant clubs and upscale dining with condos in the center of it all make this a tech-hipsters haven. Whether you find yourself pitching your own start-up or just checking out this hip part of town, you best bring your best foot forward without stumbling on your bags on the way. Luckily BagsAway has a spot to drop those off and focus on your business or party goals! What to do around? Mission Bay is part of this former manufacturing district South Beach, where you can catch a Giants baseball game at waterfront AT T Park. The Yerba Buena Gardens arts center Moscone Convention Center San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) Find a BagsAway luggage storage Bag-Drop location near SoMa

Luggage storage Fisherman's Wharf

Looking for that perfect San Francisco postcard view? Fisherman's Wharf is your spot! Filled with trendy shops and stalls selling clam chowder in bread bowls, this strip has something for everyone. Live jazz music, bopping cafes, and even sea lions by the shore, Fisherman's Wharf never gets old. It's in the same vicinity as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and Ghirardelli Square, making it the perfect location for a full day of exploration without your luggage in tow. With SO many things to do, this is an ideal spot to free your hands from your bags with a BagsAway storage location and fill them with souvenirs and make memories instead. What to do around? The Ghirardelli Shop (at Ghirardelli Square) has been making chocolates in San Francisco for over 150 years, and it is the longest continuously running chocolate manufacturer in the country. Located next to Fisherman's Wharf, this trendy chocolate manufactory is a perfect sweet-tooth tourist attraction to give you a sugar rush and have you running around San Francisco like the chocolate energizer bunny. Ghirardelli has a wide assortment of delicious chocolates and a selection of mouth-watering ice creams that are well worth the line-ups at peak season times. The best part is that you can actually see the chocolate being made as you eat! For your chocoholics experience the full Ghirardelli experience with Ghirardelli-On-the-Go on Beach Street and Ghirardelli Marketplace in the West Plaza. Get on a Golden Gate Bay Cruise or the Bridge to Bridge Cruise under the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, and loop closely around notorious Alcatraz Island. Head to the Boudin Bakery for some chowder. They've been serving their original creation ‘San Francisco-style' sourdough French bread since 1849 made with a centuries-old recipe Check out the Aquarium of the Bay - Put your bags in storage and dive into the magical underwater world with diverse marine life. Take the Angel Island Round Trip Ferry - Explore unique Museum like Madame Tussauds Ripley's Believe it or Not Find a BagsAway luggage storage Bag-Drop location near Fisherman's Wharf

San-Francisco Ferry building luggage storage

In addition to serving as a ferry for commuters traveling about San-Francisco's boroughs, the ferry building also doubles as an office building and marketplace. If you're coming or going on the ferry make sure to leave your bags with us before you hop on board! Find a BagsAway luggage storage Bag-Drop location near San-Francisco Ferry Building

Pier 39 San Francisco luggage storage

Pier 39 is where sounds of street jazz meet tastes of seafood and flocks of cute seals! This vibrant seaside pier may seem like a tourist trap at first glance, but take a closer look and you'll discover picturesque views of the marina and even Alcatraz at a distance. Add one-of-a-kind shops, eateries, and street artists and buskers entertaining passing crowds, it all comes together to create a charming ambiance to stroll, people watch and enjoy the day! A trip to San-Francisco would be incomplete without a visit to pier 39, so come on down and drop your stuff with our partners nearby. Find a BagsAway luggage storage Bag-Drop location near Pier 39 San-Francisco

Luggage storage near the Embarcadero

The Embarcadero is a true gem on the San Francisco waterfront. Located along the City's eastern bay-side shoreline, it is the perfect place to walk or bike. It also features a wide variety of renovated parks, restaurants, and attractions for everyone to enjoy, sans their bags, of course, . Find a BagsAway luggage storage Bag-Drop location near The Embarcadero

Luggage storage near Pier 33 - Alcatraz Island

Count on BagsAway's local storage partners to keep your bags safe and secure as you venture onto Alcatraz Island, as it isn't for the faint of heart. Although San-Fran's other piers give access to tours around the island, the “Alcatraz Landing” leaving from Pier 33 is the only boat tour that will actually get you onto the island and into the prison. IMPORTANT TIP: If you are thinking of booking an Alcatraz Landing tour, avoid disappointment and book in advance! Reservations are a must and fill up WAY in advance. A bit of Alcatraz history to peak your interest Developed as a lighthouse, it was used as a military prison in 1828 and then as a federal prison in 1934. Alcatraz has been notorious for jailing some of the country's most ruthless inmates. It housed 1,576 prisoners including Al Capone, George “Machine Gun” Kelly, and Alvin “Creepy” Karpis. Closed in 1963, today this penitentiary provides tours to the public. Some curious facts: Al Capone played banjo in the inmate band There were 36 escape attempts, all of which failed one way or another. Though some speculate a trio of prisoners succeeded in the task that inspired the 1979 movie "escape from Alcatraz". It is actually possible to swim to shore - as proven by one prisoner who reached the Golden Gate Bridge just to be collected by swarms of cops. This inspired a triathlon called: Escape from Alcatraz, where hundreds go to complete a 1.5-mile swim annually. Find a BagsAway luggage storage Bag-Drop location near Pier 33 (Alcatraz Landing)

Luggage Storage near BART Stations

he Bay Area Rapid Transit or BART for short is San-Francisco's official public transit system servicing San-Francisco's Bay Area and the neighboring East Bay counties. If you're riding the BART on a mission to make the most of limited hours in the city on arrival or departure, on a layover or on borrowed hours from a work trip, make sure you don't schlep your bags along on the ride. Wondering are there luggage lockers at BART stations? you and many other transit riders are often disappointed to find out there are none. However, BagsAway always has a convenient storage location near San-Francisco's main BART stations: Union Square BART station San Francisco BART Station Pier 39 BART station Powell Street BART Station Montgomery St. BART Station Embarcadero BART Station Check for schedules and calculate your fares (based on distance) on the BART website.

Luggage Storage near Chinatown San-Francisco

Enter the dragon and experience a taste of China's culture in San Francisco's famous Chinatown area! It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city despite being the densest neighborhood. It's not an off the beaten track experience but it's definitely a big and notable part of San-Francisco, so brace yourself with excitement and go on a walking tour to explore the far East on the West Coast! Did you know...? It is the 2nd and largest Chinatown in North America Most of the 15,000 Chinese residents that live that speak very little English or none at all so make sure you're equipped with Google Translate! It's a popular Hollywood movie filming destination - The Maltese Falcon, Dirty Harry, Flower Drum Song, and the Nash Bridges TV show were all filmed there. Must do in Chinatown! Walk the most famous street filled with the many red lanterns, pagodas, poultry markets, and souvenir shops. To find it walk South on Grant Ave. two blocks to Jackson St. Try the infamous egg custard tarts at Golden Gate Bakery located at1029 Grant/Pacific. Brace for a lineup but it's not to be missed! Check out the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, in Ross Alley just south of Jackson St. Want to try dome fresh produce? The "real Chinatown" area is the right place to be! To find it go North on Stockton St. and about two blocks up you will hit the busiest commercial street in ChinaTown, it will not get any more authentic than this as it mostly caters to the local Chinese population. We all know that the tastiest foods are found in hole-in-the-wall type of nooks and New Moon restaurant located at 1247 Stockton perfectly embodies just that. It's one of many places to grab a quick stand-up meal on the go with an exotic and (questionably) appetizing backdrop of whole roast chickens, ducks, and pigs hanging in their window Find a BagsAway luggage storage Bag-Drop location near San-Francisco's Chinatown

Why choose BagsAway luggage storage in San-Francisco?

BagsAway luggage storage in San-Francisco Every Bag-Drop Location is carefully vetted to meet safety guidelines across our network Safe secure luggage storage Every bag is sealed, tagged securely locked away Insured luggage storage Every item is insured for loss, damage, or theft so you can go about your day without a worry! One less app for the collection No app? no problem! Our user-friendly website gives you the app experience without the app! Go with the flow traveler? Book your storage in real-time, make changes to your booking or cancel your storage altogether before your scheduled luggage deposit at no cost! Friendly Customer Experience Our customer experience crew is eager to assist with your storage needs! Connect by phone toll-free at 1-844-647-2247, catch us on our live webchat Numerous Luggage Storage Locations We have several Bag-Drop locations around San-Francisco to make sure your temporary storage needs met! Effortless luggage checkin’ checkout process Once your online booking is complete just present your confirmation at the Bag-Drop location to deposit your bag. They'll be expecting you so you’ll be in and out in no time!

Other luggage storage options in San-Francisco

Here is a list of other luggage storage locations in San Francisco to help you travel better!

Luggage storage in San-Francisco airport

Luggage storage at SFO airport is provided by the Airport Travel Agency. Location: Main Hall International Departures, departures/ ticketing level, near the entrance to concourse G Storage rates: will vary from $7-$10/hour or $15-$10/day per item depending on the size and length of storage. Opening hours: 6:00am - 11:00pm (Monday - Sunday) For more info please refer to the SF airport website or call the storage facility at (650) 877-0422.

Store Luggage at Union Square with Drop Bag To Us

If you're going between meetings, a backpacker, or on a layover and need some freshening up they also offer free wi-fi, printing, and even a shower for $10 which includes body wash shampoo, and a towel. For more information refer to their website. Address: 922 Folsom Street, Door 155 in SoMA Open in Google Maps Opening hours: everyday 9am-10pm (closed for breaks 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm) 24-hour storage rates: Small Bags - $5 Suitcases luggage - $10 Oversized Bags - $15

Store luggage at Pier 39 with California Welcome Center

There are no self-serve lockers available at the pier but there are luggage storage services offered on location. Address: Pier 39, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States Open in Google Maps Hours of operation: Store your luggage here between 9 am - 7 pm. Storage rates: Small bags (no bigger than a backpack) are $5 Suitcases, large backpacks duffel bags are $10 For more info please refer to the SF port website. You can also call the storage facility at (415) 981-1280 or shoot them an email for more information.

Luggage storage near Caltrain Stations

Although Caltrain is San-Francisco's main commuter rail service, Unfortunately, Caltrain luggage lockers aren't available for passenger use. However, Bounce luggage storage was created so that you don't have to look too far for safe and reliable bag storage in San Francisco.

San-Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) luggage storage

Backpacks are the only mentioned items under visitor info aside from the coat-check on-site and those must be carried by hand or worn on the front of your body at all times. If you ask us this sounds like a very awkward way to explore contemporary art in one of the world's leading art museums. Avoid disappointment at the entrance with your big luggage items and skip the artsy wobbling with your backpack, book a BagsAway luggage storage Bag-Drop location instead! Our partner Bag-Drop locations won't put a limit on the size or shape of your luggage items, nor will you be charged extra for bigger items. We got you covered with the lowest hourly and daily prices so you can focus on exploring and experiencing the beauty of the art.

Walt Disney Family Museum luggage storage

The museum website states that coat check is offered on location and adds that all backpacks, parcels, suitcases, umbrellas, and large bags MUST be checked, yet the policy isn't clear except that the museum is NOT liable for those items. Don't take chances with your belongings and precious souvenirs for little Johnny, leave your things with BagsAway luggage storage Bag-Drop location near Walt Disney Family Museum instead!

Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco luggage storage

The museum visitor policy states that bags larger than your average carry-on are not allowed in the museum altogether. Only small carry-ons can be left at coat-check if you're lucky enough to find space. All other smaller items must be carried on the front of your body while strolling the museum.

California Palace of the Legion of Honor luggage storage

The California Palace of Legion holds an identical storage policy as the Young Fine Arts Museum so feel free to refer above or to the website for the full deets

Pier 33 Alcatraz Landing luggage storage

The website states that backpacks, luggage, and coolers are not allowed on the island for security reasons. Storage lockers and bag check facilities of any sort are not offered at pier 33 Alcatraz Landing or on Alcatraz Island so you must arrange storage for any items prior to arrival. It's situations like this that BagsAway seeks to eliminate, so don't stress, travel smart with our convenient on-demand storage locations that are always there to save your day!

Exploratorium luggage storage

There are small and large coin-operated lockers available on your location for the convenience of patrons. Refer to the website for exact information.

Oracle Park luggage storage

There are storage lockers available for bags smaller than 40x40x20cm or 16x16x8 inches.