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Where can I store luggage at St. Lawrence Market in Toronto?

St. Lawrence market and the surrounding area is a great chill spot, especially on a sunny day. Located a short walk from Union makes it an ideal place to hangout before check-in time or enjoy your last hours in the city. This brings up an important question - where can you store luggage around St. Lawrence market or Union station? We assure you a BagsAway luggage storage location will cater to your needs


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Luggage storage at St. Lawrence Market Toronto with BagsAway

Leave your bags at our BagsAway BagDrop Luggage Storage near St. Lawrence Market and stock up on local goodies or grab dinner at a delish nearby restaurant! Our recommendation? Barsa Taberna , a cool and artsy restaurant whipping up local ingredients into mouth watering Spanish Tapas. Enjoy an extra Spanish flavor on Flamenco Thursdays or stay for a post dinner party on the last Friday of each month! About St. Lawrence Market and surrounding area All foodies assemble! This two-century old city landmark hosts two hundred food vendors selling everything from local sauces to fresh pasta, seafood and artisan breads and cheeses. If you're looking to spice things up you're in the right place! Attend interactive chef led dinner parties, weekly farmers markets and learn to make staple dishes from around the world (all coupled with wine but of course). Concoct delish dumplings, bake fresh Macaroons or learn to make pasta like a pro - we guarantee you'll pick up a culinary trick or two to bring home! Check out what's going on at the market this week Around St. Lawrence Market Meridian Hall - Find luggage storage nearby Hockey Hall of Fame - Find luggage storage nearby Berczy Park - Find luggage storage nearby Reservoir Lounge Pravda Vodka Bar - Find luggage storage nearby

Most popular BagsAway luggage storage locations at St. Lawrence Market in Toronto

Luggage Storage at Yonge & Queen
  • Opens 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Luggage Storage near Union Station
  • Opens 07:00 AM - 10:00 PM

How to store your luggage with BagsAway?

BagsAway's luggage storage network offers a selection of convenient BagDrop locations (local shops, cafes, hotels, to name a few!). To instantly drop your bags, search the map for an address, a neighborhood or attraction and you'll find a storage space awaits around the corner! How does it work? 1. Use the interactive map to find the nearest BagDrop location proceed to book your storage online 2. Get directions drop-off instructions 3. Enjoy a luggage-free good time around town! Important: Upon arrival present your email booking confirmation on location, it's your receipt!

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Why choose BagsAway as your best baggage storage option in Toronto?

BagsAway BagDrop Locations Every BagDrop Location is carefully selected approved according to strict security guidelines Safe Secure Every bag is sealed, tagged locked away from public access Insurance Coverage Every item is insured up to $1,200 and each storage order is covered up to $3,000 for loss, damage or theft No space on your phone? No need to download an app! Book directly on our Mobile-first website. No time to waste? No need to create an account. Just find a location and pre-book online. Are you a go-with-the-flow commitment-phobic traveler? Book risk-free! Change of plans? Cancel your booking free of charge any time before dropping your bags 24/hr Luggage Storage Our Storage Network is available 24 hours a day to serve your travel needs at all times Reliable Customer Service Our top-notch customer support is ready to assist and address all incoming inquiries. Reach us by phone toll-free at 1-877-647-2247, on our live webchat or over email at [email protected] Numerous Convenient Luggage Storage Locations We offer 65+ BagDrop locations around Toronto to accommodate your needs wherever and whenever they arise Easy check-in check-out Find and book online storage in 3 easy clicks. Present your receipt ID at the BagDrop location for swift baggage drop and pick-up! Affordable low-cost prices For your convenience, BagsAway offers low hourly, daily, and overnight rates Starting at $2 / hour or $6 / day. Discounts promotions Subscribe and follow our social media for discounts and special offers! Storing long term? (week+) Use “BagsAwayHoliday30” promo code for a 30% discount! So what are you waiting for?! Join the sharing-economy revolution with BagsAway's on-demand local storage BagDrop locations!

Alternative luggage storage or lockers near St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market is a great place to spend a few hours on arrival and departure days, but with no official storage facilities to accommodate travelers with bags before their scheduled check-in or travel, luggage puts a damp on all the fun. The nearest baggage storage is located at Union station, but unless you're travelling out of the city on the ViA Rail, the cloak room at Union Station will not hold you bags either. This leaves many travelers dragging clunky bags around the cobble streets of the market and their baggage taking a bit of a beating along the way. Don't fret, our BagsAway BagDrop Luggage Storage near St. Lawrence Market is located just across the street ready to keep your bags. If you do prefer to store your bags at Union station but don't have a booking with ViaRail we got you covered with our Union Station BagsAway BagDrop Luggage Storage location.

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