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Where can I store my luggage in Vancouver?

Scenic urban beaches, sky gondolas and sea planes are just a smidge of what makes Vancouver an outdoor activity haven! In a city where skiing on a mountain slope is a hop and a skip away from tanning by the ocean, dragging baggage around is the ultimate time killer. If you have hours to spare before check-in or a full day ahead of your evening flight, day luggage storage in Vancouver is a must. Enter BagsAway - we are your bag storage companion on the go. Our network gives you access to convenient temporary luggage storage in Vancouver . So go on and get those clunky bags out of the way!

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Luggage storage in Vancouver with BagsAway

BagsAway is your AirBnb for baggage storage, providing you with a technology-forward alternative to traditional storage lockers in Vancouver. Let us connect you to reliable BagDrop locations inside local shops, cafes, hotels (to name a few!) where you can find luggage storage in Vancouver for a few hours or days. Store your luggage on-demand with BagsAway's left luggage network across Vancouver's main attractions. You probably found yourself in one of these scenarios Before check-in and after checkout from your Airbnb or hotel accommodations. Attending a conference at Vancouver Convention Centre or running from meeting to meeting. On a layover for the day wanting to explore and maxime precious hours around Vancouver sights You're a Vancouver local dragging equipment, gym bags or backpacks after work. Attending a game, a concert or a show at Rogers Arena but can't bring your bags along. Went on a shopping spree on Robson Street but still want to explore the city

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$1.5/hr or $7.95/day

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$1.5/hr or $5.95/day

$1.5/hr or $5.0/day

Most popular BagsAway luggage storage locations in Vancouver

Luggage Storage Places in Vancouver

The BagsAway luggage storage Vancouver network always has a local cafe, hotel or shop near Vancouver's tourist attractions and travel hubs to safely and instantly hold your bags. Try our affordable short-term storage and long-term storage options for your baggage, sports and work equipment, gym bag, groceries, briefcase, strollers and everything in between! BagsAway's many BagDrop locations around the city are always available to securely store your bags on-demand. Check out the most popular locations below. A break from your luggage is just a few clicks away! Hours of operation We recommend double checking the hours for each location as they may change from season to season. Luggage storage near Vancouver Pacific Central Station and Greyhound Bus Station? If you're travelling out of Vancouver on a train or a bus why not make the most of your hours before departure or upon arrival to explore the nearby area? Ditch your bags with our BagDrop location nearby near the Pacific Central Station, checkout Chinatown, the Science centre or head all the way to Gastown. Whatever you do, make sure you're luggage free! Luggage Storage lockers near Vancouver Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal Waiting to board a cruise out of Vancouver? Or perhaps you just arrived and have a few precious hours before your flight out home. At the edge of the city where the ocean meets the land the beautiful views are sure to captivate. Make the most of your limited time without nagging bags in the way, drop your baggage just a few mere minutes from the cruise terminal up Howe Street. Our BagDrop location near Vancouver Canada Place Cruise Terminal is open everyday 9am-9pm giving you plenty of time to explore the city. Luggage Storage lockers near Gastown Granville Subway Station Luggage Storage Gastown boasts streets full of shops, swanky bars, trendy eateries and of course the infamous Gastown Steam clock! This is an ideal walking street, that is of course if you're tagging your luggage for the ride. BagsAway offers storage for your bags, backpacks and every luggage luggage item in your way right by Granville subway station just off Seymour Street, conveniently open 24 hours a day! Luggage Storage lockers near YaleTown and Granville Island Luggage Storage near YaleTown Granville Island Cycle the Seawall, grab a drink on a bustling patio and explore indie boutiques without your luggage in the way! Our partner is optimally located near Granville Island where you can visit artisan shops, local breweries and stock up on some fresh local produce in the market before check-in. Luggage Storage lockers near Robson Street Luggage Storage near Robson Street is located in close proximity to Stanley park. Drop off your bags and explore scenic trails, towering trees and green oasis spaces that lead to open beach landscapes. Always remember to confirm opening hours upon booking as those are subject to change. Need storage elsewhere in the city? View the full list of BagsAway's Luggage Storage location in Vancouver

Why choose BagsAway as your best left luggage option in Vancouver?

BagsAway BagDrop Locations in Vancouver Every Vancouver BagDrop Location is carefully selected approved according to strict security guidelines Safe, secure insured Luggage Storage Every bag is sealed, tagged locked away from public access Luggage Storage Insurance Coverage Every item is insured for loss, damage or theft so you can rest assured you bags are in good hands! Have limited phone memory? Use the space to take photos and create memories, not download apps. Our Mobile optimized website gives you the app experience without the app! Not sure where the day will take you? Go with the flow and enjoy your Vancouver trip! If your plans change and you no longer require the storage just cancel at no cost anytime before the deposit time. Optimal Customer Experience Our customer experience crew is always on hand to assist! Reach us by phone toll free at 1-844-647-2247, on our live or live web chat Numerous Luggage Storage Locations We offer numerous BagDrop locations across Vancouver to meet your temporary storage needs Easy deposit pick-up Once your online booking is complete just present your confirmation at the BagDrop location to deposit your bag. They'll be expecting you so you'll be in and out in no time! Accessible flat rates For your convenience BagsAway offers low hourly, daily and overnight luggage storage rates starting at $1/item/hr Discounts promotions Subscribe and follow our social media for discounts and special offers! Storing long term? (week+) Use "BagsAwayHoliday30" promo code for a 30% disocunt! So what are you waiting for?! Join the sharing-economy revolution with BagsAway's on-demand local storage BagDrop locations!

Alternative luggage storage or lockers options in Vancouver

Wondering if traditional bag storage lockers are available to store your bags in and around Vancouver? Although we much recommend our trusty BagDrop locations for optimum convenience and accessibility to free you from you pesky bags, we got all your other storage options below. Looking for short term or long term luggage storage at Vancouver airport? CDS Baggage has two locations right inside the airport.

CDS Baggage Storage in Vancouver-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

International Departures Terminal at YVR Location: level 2, before security Opening hours: 5am-11pm 7 days a week Storage rates: $5 - $8.50/item/24 hours. Only plane ticket holders are allowed to use the service upon presenting their travel itinerary and an ID. Domestic Terminal Building at YVR Location: Domestic Arrivals level 2, across from carousel 6 Opening hours: 5am-11pm 7 days a week Storage rates: $5 - $8.50/item/24 hours. Note that storage is available to ticket holders who are required to present their travel itinerary and an ID to deposit luggage. For more info please refer to the CDS Baggage Website. You can also send them an inquiry via email or just pick up the phone and call them at 604-303-4500. If you have a cruise booked out of Vancouver to Alaska or perhaps you're arriving in Vancouver on a cruise from Hawaii and want to make use of limited time to explore you're likely wondering if there's luggage storage near Vancouver's cruise ship terminal. Well CDS baggage has a luggage storage facility at Vancouver's port

CDS baggage storage at Vancouver Canada Place Cruise Terminal

CDS offers seasonal baggage services for cruise passengers, operating from May until the end of September. Location: located between the information counter and the car rentals right in the cruise terminal. Opening hours: 7:30am-4:40pm, closed Tuesday Thursday Storage rates are quoted per 24 hours. Storage rates: $5 - $8.50/item/24 hours. Please refer to the CDS Baggage Website for more info. You can also send them an inquiry via email or just pick up the phone and call them at 604-683-3696. Given how limited the service operational hours and days are, we highly suggest your book with our nearby BagDrop partner near Canada Place Cruise Terminal, located just up Howe street for flexible hours to maximize your Vancouver trip!

Bag Storage in Vancouver Pacific Central Train Station and Greyhound Bus Station

Unfortunately, Vancouver's transit authority closed the storage facility formerly available at the Pacific Central Station for safety reasons. At this time there aren't any luggage storage facilities at Vancouver Pacific Central Station.

Bag Delivery with PorterGenie

If you have your day planned to the T you might consider using a luggage delivery service. One of the drivers will meet you to pick-up and drop-off your items at a scheduled time and location. Storage rates are calculated based on a base rate determined by the bag size plus the delivery. $7.99 per day for carry-ons luggage and handbags $9.99 for suitcases Delivery is $29.98. If you need to cancel your order do keep in mind you will be charged so if you need a storage option that offers more flexibility BagsAway has you covered!